Atlanta-based keynote speaker Monica Ricci has the perfect presentation for your next conference, convention, sales meeting or retreat. Here's what others have to say:

"Monica is a dynamic speaker who can captivate an audience like no other. She is, and remains, our highest attended speaker in our series."

Abby Wilkerson


"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a great job yesterday!  During the Connections Reception, I heard women talking about needing to do a better job of building their personal success team, so it is evident that the points you were making landed."

Constance Holmes

The Coca-Cola Company

"Tonight's presentation was most beneficial and was so warmly accepted by all. The topic was right on target...  It was uplifting and enlightening!"

C. Clontz

Coordinator, Job Search Network

"Your passion and conviction for your subject combined with the rapport that you established with your audience made it easy to follow you. Early on I had the sense that if I listened I would gain some valuable insights, and I did!"

Jim Anderson

Attendee, Fast Company engagement

"You did an amazing job and your message was delivered so clearly. You shared from the heart and delivered your experiences, strengths and hopes. I loved your story and got goose bumps several times!"

Ann Marie Laino

Professional Organizing Consultant

"You are amazing and I am going to take what you said and put it to work. Thank you again for such an inspiring session!"

Lori Davidson

Territory Manager, Amoena USA Corporation

"Monica's workshop helped me realize that I can get through difficult projects and create success for myself!"

A. Bonds

Cobb County Parks & Recreation
Monica Ricci Professional Speaker
Speaking at NAPO



Everything I Know About Success I Learned Waiting Tables

Success lessons are all around you, and they show up in every industry if you choose to see them. Monica shares the stories and important success lessons she learned in over 21 years in the hospitality industry, which helped pave the way for a successful consulting, media, and speaking business today.


Life-Changing Secrets of a Former Chicken S#%!

If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be or if you struggle to find your business bliss, join Monica as she shares the five things you must do to transform your life and business! Using the incredible power of your mind, you can employ these five keys to create the life and business you desire and go from Fearful to Fierce!


Shift Your Perspective, Change Your Life

How you show up in the world can either create a positive power spiral or it can create chaos. Learning the Stop, Drop & Roll technique enables you to make powerful mindset shifts in a moment, create new and unexpected opportunities and possibilities and transform your outcomes in life and business.