Atlanta-based keynote speaker Monica Ricci has the perfect presentation for your next conference, convention, sales meeting or retreat. Here's what clients, audiences and meeting planners have to say:

"Monica is a dynamic speaker who can captivate an audience like no other. She is, and remains, our highest attended speaker in our series."

Abby Wilkerson

Elements, Gwinnett County Chamber of Commece

"YOU were the most dynamic speaker we ever had and loved by all!"

Debra Spencer

Program Director, NAPO Michigan

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a great job yesterday!  During the Connections Reception, I heard women talking about needing to do a better job of building their personal success team, so it is evident that the points you were making landed."

Constance Holmes

The Coca-Cola Company

"I was just looking over my notes from your wonderful keynote address at the NAPO San Francisco Bay Area conference and was once again inspired by all you shared with us! Now I can focus on the areas of my life where I am feeling fearful (usually manifesting itself as resistance and lethargy!) and I'm able to take specific actions to help me move beyond the fear. Very helpful!"

Erin Becker

Organizing Consultant, San Francisco, CA

"Tonight's presentation was most beneficial and was so warmly accepted by all. The topic was right on target...  It was uplifting and enlightening!"

C. Clontz

Coordinator, Job Search Network

"Your passion and conviction for your subject combined with the rapport that you established with your audience made it easy to follow you. Early on I had the sense that if I listened I would gain some valuable insights, and I did!"

Jim Anderson

Attendee, Fast Company engagement

"You did an amazing job and your message was delivered so clearly. You shared from the heart and delivered your experiences, strengths and hopes. I loved your story and got goose bumps several times!"

Ann Marie Laino

Professional Organizing Consultant

"You are amazing and I am going to take what you said and put it to work. Thank you again for such an inspiring session!"

Lori Davidson

Territory Manager, Amoena USA Corporation

"Can I just say wow! This morning was wonderful! Moderating a panel is no easy feat. You struck the perfect balance and I am truly in awe of your poise, smarts, and humor. You are simply fabulous! Fan girl all the way!"

Leslie Josel

Order Out Of Chaos, New York

"Monica's workshop helped me realize that I can get through difficult projects and create success for myself!"

A. Bonds

Cobb County Parks & Recreation

"Monica's words not only continue to resonate in my mind, but have already had an effect on the way I approach my processes. She is an insightful and engaging presenter and her program far exceeded my expectations!"


Gil Feroli

Employee Engagement Specialist, Paramount Pictures

"I wanted to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the seminar you conducted today. I so often walk into my office with a feeling of hopelessness. When I walked in a few moments ago after your seminar, rather than feeling hopeless, I felt a sense of excitement about the possibilities!

Kat Colson

Professional Education, Oklahoma State University

Partial Speaking Client List

U.S. Army
GE Capital
Amoena USA
Beazer Homes
Sibley Heart Center
City of Alpharetta
Paramount Pictures
The Children's Place
Matria Healthcare
U.S. Court of Appeals
Robert Bowden, Inc.
Reynolds and Reynolds
Baystate Health System
Kennesaw State University
Pediatria Healthcare for Kids
Marietta Housing Authority
Gwinnett Board of Education
Florida Head Start Association
Environmental Protection Agency
National Head Start Association
Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce
Southern Jewelry Travelers Association
Atlanta FlooringOklahoma State University
Assoc. of South Carolina Oncology Managers
NAPO Mid-Atlanta Regional Conference
NAPO San Francisco Bay Area Regional Conference
National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals

Speaking at NAPO


The 4-Step Plan To Transform People and Teams

After a lifetime of struggling with my weight, I achieved a dream of having the lean, strong, muscular body I always wanted, but could never achieve. In January of 2019, I was a soft, fluffy, middle-aged average American woman. By the end of October, I was 30 pounds lighter and shredded, with visible abs. How did I do it in just ten months and more importantly, why did I succeed this time when I had failed so many other times? The Big Shift is my story.

You'll learn exactly how I did it, why it worked, and how to activate your own Upward Power Spiral, using the same steps I did to create any transformation you want in yourself, your people and your teams to achieve goals and change your culture.

If you're ready to get excited about what you didn't think was possible, all it takes is The Big Shift!

The Magical Power of Choice

Do you hold yourself back? Do you let fear, uncertainty or doubt stop you from making strong decisions and taking bold action? Do you listen to the whispering voices that say your idea won’t work, it’s not important enough, who do you think you are, it’s too hard or don’t be pushy?

Sliding Doors is about stepping out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself when you don’t want to and silencing the voices that keep you playing small. The Magical Power of Choice overcomes the inertia of the present and gives you confidence to act boldly in the moment to move yourself and business forward. To put yourself out there. To try something new. To reframe failure as learning and to build a consistent pattern of courageous action.

Sliding Doors will show you how the seemingly smallest actions often lead to the biggest, most unexpected results, both personally and in business!

Everything I Know About Success I Learned Waiting Tables

Keys to success show up everywhere if you pay attention and choose to see them. I spent 20 years in the hospitality industry and while my peers were working for beer money, I was learning about business. During those years, I asked questions, I engaged enthusiastically and picked up many valuable skills and business lessons, paving the way for a successful speaking, consulting, training and coaching career ahead.

Join me as I share stories from the restaurant floor, the lessons I learned, and how you can use them to improve performance, create a thriving organization, build a strong brand and turn your customers and clients into raving fans!