For 20 years I helped individuals and teams become more productive through conventional methodologies. I now believe who you are, and how you choose to show up also profoundly impact your effectiveness, success and outcomes in both life and business.

Through my coaching program, I'll help you learn to communicate clearly and powerfully, make significant mindset shifts, improve your leadership skills and let go of things you don't even realize are keeping you from breaking through to the next level of success.

Together we'll create new opportunities and exciting possibilities for your life and business. What are you waiting for?

Life is short. Let's get started.

"I now have FIVE new client prospects and one returning client from the past!"


"Our meeting was AWESOME! Something is shifting in my life... I step into doing my business and a flood gate of ideas come streaming into my head. It's good. It's amazing. It's more than I imagined from the start!"


"Only you know what a difference you have made in my life. I look forward to scheduling time with you in the New Year... You bring me freedom and strength I can never repay and I am deeply grateful!"

Janet C.

"Thank you for the action plan -- and for the "transfer of momentum." (That's engineering-speak for pure inspiration)."

J.S. Anderson

US Patent Attorney and Mechanical Engineer

"Our sessions are making me think about things (such as my upbringing, impact of religion, etc.) in a way that I had not before. I'm having a lot of a-ha moments!"

C.H. Stein

Ph.D. Gerontology
Coaching by Monica Ricci