Did you know 92% of people who attend conferences believe learning from those outside their own industry helps make them better? Did you also know 94% believe leadership lessons help them in their personal life?

I created Leaders Inspiring Leaders discussion panels to raise the conversation, foster inspiration and bring an outside perspective to conferences and corporate events.

Leaders Inspiring Leaders is an engaging, authentic and informative panel of business leaders sharing their experience, expertise and stories about many facets of leadership including, among other topics...

  • Building strong teams
  • Creating a healthy, thriving workplace culture
  • Leading versus managing
  • Navigating crisis and challenge
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Identifying future leaders
  • Developing leadership in others
  • The value of mentors
Here are just a few of the rave reviews for Leaders Inspiring Leaders...
Monica on moderator panel

"The absolute best session of the conference! Been waiting 3 days for the quality provided in this session. Excellent!"

"The roundtable was excellent... Monica set the tone for the session, managed the flow and allowed everyone to show their own character and styles."

"This was one of the best sessions. In my corporate life I attended dozens of round tables on leadership as well as other topics. Monica is one of the best moderators I have ever heard. Her discussion was so well prepared. It was amazing."

"This was my favorite session by a long shot… Monica is the BEST moderator I've ever seen. Brilliant."

"Can I just say wow! This morning was wonderful! Moderating a panel is no easy feat. You struck the perfect balance and I am truly in awe of your poise, smarts, and humor. You are simply fabulous! Fan girl all the way!"

Leslie Josel

Order Out Of Chaos, New York

"I just finished watching the livestream roundtable discussion you moderated and was absolutely blown away, not just by the panel but by YOU! Your preparation, your questions, your confidence - just amazing! Thanks for your leadership. You are truly one of a kind!"

Shannon Loe

Live With Less, Atlanta GA