About Me

Who you are and how you show up are as important to your happiness, productivity and success as the actions you take.

For 20 years I was a catalyst, creating great results for clients through organization, process improvement & productivity training. Along the way, I became a recognized expert, author, speaker and I got to do radio and television. I felt lucky to be making a living by making a difference.

Then I realized I wanted to help people take a different path to happiness and success. What inspires me now is using my two decades of experience to help you let go of what holds you back from creating your very best life.

Every single day you shape your reality  --  for good or bad -- by who you choose to be and how you approach situations. When you work with me, you'll shift your mindset, your habits and how you show up in the world. You'll dramatically improve your life by creating new opportunities and possibilities where they didn't exist before and your results will blow your mind!

Life is short. Let’s get started!

Partial Client List

GE Capital
U.S. Army
Beazer Homes
USA Paramount Pictures
U.S. Court of Appeals
Special Olympics Georgia
Oklahoma State University
Kennsaw State University
National Head Start Association
Environmental Protection Agency
National Assoc. of Professional Organizers

Monica Ricci